The Cardinals won last night against the Brewers, and it was a fun game to watch. They won today, too.

We went to walk in the park this morning. The cup plants (Silphiom perfoliatum) by the river are all very tall now, and flowering, and the finches are starting to come around to eat seed. Hummingbirds too, and millions of bees. Lots of milkweed is blooming, and we saw just a couple of Monarch butterflies.


This afternoon as I sat on the porch I saw the hummingbird in the back yard again. Looks like he has staked out the cardinal flowers. He works them for awhile, then sits on a little branch nearby for a minute or two, then works them some more. Once when he was sitting on the branch another hummingbird approached and he chased him out of the yard. Oh territorial little fellow.



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