I heard a priest speak this morning about his experiences in Bolivia when he was stationed in Mocomoco after the revolution of 1952. He was arrested by the military after his parishioners complained that he supported the indigenous indians and peasants rather than themselves, descendants of the mostly Spanish conquerors who had taken over the land (Mocomoco was untouched by the land reforms instituted by the 1952 revolutionaries, and the Spaniards’ children went to colleges in Europe “on the backs of the peasants”, a fact which angered my friend the priest). Held prisoner for 8 days, he saw young women being arrested and raped, among other horrid acts against the indigenous people. Afterwards it was a long time before he could let go of his hatred of the military and vengeful thoughts. He said hate begets hate; goodness begets goodness; love begets love.

I have sadness because a friend has died of a fast-acting cancer. I have been pissy all day, not fit for company. Took a walk around the lake- even the redwings chattering at me from the cattails didn’t cheer me up. ¬†And I will just let it be like that for today. Tomorrow I will meet with friends and we will begin the remembrances.

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