Moon and Shakespeare and Glorious June

I missed the full moon on Friday (the 13th, no less, with Mercury in retrograde someone told me, and other things astrological) so here it is, 2 days late, this morning, behind the sycamore tree.


The weather has been glorious for June in St. Louis- highs in the 70s and 80s. Back to the usual next week I hear, but we’ve enjoyed this while we can. Planted a rain garden yesterday that we dug last week. Went to see Henry IV at Shakespeare in the ParkIMG_1158 yesterday afternoon (their first-ever matinee- we tried to go last Saturday but the audience was evacuated due to threatening storms and tornadoes so we came home to let the cat in). And here is an interesting insect I saw on the linden in the street lawn yesterday. Maybe a scale insect of some sort? Also yesterday while we were working outside planting the rain garden, a wren came and went into the little house we have hanging from a tree limb, and he visited many times after that, singing his little heart out. “See the great house I’ve found? Come make baby wrens with me!”IMG_1155

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