First bike to work

Things I saw and heard while biking around the park and to work this morning:

Red Truck Tai Chi man in Muny parking lot
Quail near the Worlds Fair pavilion where I heard him last year
Fielding Electric man fishing in Jefferson lake
Heard catbird in brush by Jefferson Lake
Orange-shirted bicycle woman- we together bemoaned the fact that Fair St. Louis will be held in the park this year, what will the critters do, why can’t they hold it in some big old parking lot somewhere, Lord knows there are plenty of deserted shopping malls…
Heard wren singing teakettle teakettle teakettle….

Sunrise over Forest Parkway







Uneaten mussel shell, still damp, found under a tree next to the river- I must’ve startled whoever had intended to eat it.IMG_0962


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