Turtles, fish hawk, and sparrow song

IMG_0766TOn a walk just now I watched an osprey circling and gliding over Jefferson Lake, hunting for a fish; he spied one, folded his wings, and down he went into the water. Came out with a good-size fish, maybe 6 inches, in his talons. Rather than stopping to eat it, he found an upward draft and circled round and round ’til he was high up, and then took off until all I could see was a speck- where will he take that fish? I also saw turtles out sunning and a song sparrow singing. No pictures of the osprey- I was too busy watching. Addendum 4/13- I did have a photo of the osprey I must’ve taken with the zoom, not great but here it is. Also the turtles (been awhile since I looked at my photos).IMG_0767

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  1. Bison says:

    You’ve managed a first class post

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