Slow burn at the arboretum

At the arboretum today, we saw the results of a very recent controlled burn. Many of the prairies were blackened, and also most of the woods, and even the wildflower walk with the southern exposure, where we saw the beginnings of Dutchman’s breeches 3 weeks ago. Though blackened now, it won’t be long before the green profusion of spring covers all the ash. In several places we saw the still-burning remains of dead trees. There was one hickory that still had a good fire inside, and it felt good, too, since it was cold out this morning, 32 with a cold north wind.
IMG_0715Burned grasses

IMG_0723Blackened ash trunk







IMG_0733Still-Burning hickory log






IMG_0743Shooting star foliage (Dodecathion meadia)






IMG_0746Three weeks ago this is where we saw foliage of Dutchman’s breeches and Celandine poppy




Bloodroot- the only blooming wildflower we saw today

IMG_0756Sassafras bud










IMG_0761Jacob’s ladder














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