Mouse in the House, redux

Ishmael thinking about what trouble to get into next

Ishmael thinking about what trouble to get into next

Yesterday evening Britches went outside to revel in the warmer temperatures (30 degrees +) for the first time in days. When I let her back in an hour or so later, I did not notice the mouse in her mouth until it was too late. Live, it was, and she brought him into the livingroom and set him loose underneath the couch. Ishmael was immediately entranced and caught the poor bugger by the tail while Britches looked on- I swear I think she brought the mouse for Ishie to play with, much as she and MomCat used to bring in live mice together in the winter to play with. Or maybe she is mentoring Ishie in the ways of feral cat-dom. Whatever, he caught the poor thing by the tail and began a constant, low growling, running all over the house, mouse swinging from his mouth by the tail, Britches following and looking on, myself waiting for an opportunity to snatch the mouse away and put him back outside. When Ishmael, with mouse, ran into the little bathroom off Dennis’ office I quick shut the door to trap him in there. Dennis went in, his hands sheathed in leather gloves, to retrieve the mouse but Ishie would not relinquish his catch. I heard the water in the sink running- Dennis had turned it on, picked up Ishie with mouse, and put Ishmael’s head under the cold water, whereupon he dropped the mouse, finally, and Dennis caught him and put him outside, shaken but not injured. Whew.

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