The cold and the end of classes have meant very quiet roads in the morning, quiet drive through the park. Which is a nice transition from the home front of late, where Ishmael the kitten is wound up and rarin’ to go in the mornings. I’ll be standing at the kitchen sink and he jumps onto the back of my robe, right where my bottom is, he sticks there like a velcro kitty, then he walks up my back to my shoulder. Or if I’m doing yoga he views me as a jungle gym. He has many similar habits we’ll have to train him out of if guests aren’t to run screaming into the night. I have had to give up my usual gym routine in the mornings due to a recurring injury and instead have been doing yoga at home; it is nice to be home in the mornings. This time of year is a good time for ideas, conversations, tea. Even work phone, email, snail mail are quiet.

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