Blue Moon

It has been a discombobulating couple of weeks, and now I have missed the Blue moon! I will see if I can get a photo tonight, one day late. Perhaps the Blue moon has something to do with the discombulatedness of the past week- I had food poisoning and lost so much weight that my wedding ring fell right off my finger somewhere in the house and I haven’t found it yet; a man ran into my parked car on Monday night and now it is in the shop for repair (I was lucky he was an honest man- Later, not so much. He has disappeared). Fall is coming, the light is changing, the shadows getting longer, the days shorter; in the mornings I must wait to hear the birds wake up. Students are back, streets are crowded again, people impatient. This morning I heard a single great horned owl hoot from far away, maybe a half mile or so. The young ones have moved on to their own territories by now, if they survived flight school. Later- Here is the Blue Moon, compliments of Dennis:


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