Bobcats and bears

I took a walk yesterday morning before sunrise and only tonight discovered that that is not a good idea, since apparently there are bear, bobcats, panthers, and gators that all come IMG_0410[1]out in the dark when we humans aren’t in the way. It seems that the Disney Corporation has bought up all the land around here except for the little pieces of woods and wetland preserved by the conservation department and that, of course, is where all that wildlife is squeezed into. Everything else having been built into hotels and amusement parks and all that kind of thing. Real wildlife displaced by cartoon images. As a matter of fact, my friend described Orlando as feeling “plastic” and yes, I see her point. I walked the few miles last evening to the main drag and sat and ate an ice cream cone at a table outside and listened to a group of taxi drivers speak in some language I don’t know, maybe Lebanese.  IMG_0416[1]IMG_0417[1]

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