Today’s riding mantra


Sunrise from Art Hill

Linden smell- raccoon trash- redwing- egret-mulberries-insects


American linden, aka Basswood, aka Tilia americana

IMG_0300Rode my bike to work this morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance of the lindens, in bloom now. Saw a bag of fast-food trash on the ground beside a grate, I picture a raccoon at night emerging from that grate (I’ve seen them do this) and get the trash for leftovers. Redwings in the cattails in the swampy areas, guarding their young. An American egret fishing in the River Des Peres. The steady drone of insects everywhere there is a wild-ish area. And the mulberries are ripening.

Still no bumble bee activity in our back yard. I did find last night the hole where they come and go from their undergound nest. I read that workers sometimes live only a few weeks, so maybe the queen is down in that nest making more workers. We’ll see.

I feel quiet. Will not look at the news this morning. What difference would it make if I did, anyway.


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