I’ve seen no turtles crossing the road in the park yet this spring. Early June is when they normally haul out of the water to go lay their eggs. Here’s hoping the smashed turtle count remains zero. It rained in the night and all looks and feels fresh this morning. In particular I noticed the new fronds on the bald cypress, delicate with dew hugging each frond and branch, an American egret fishing in Jefferson Lake, martins in their houses. I have hung a hummingbird feeder at home and the nectar is disappearing but I’ve yet to catch a hummingbird sipping from it. On Saturday my friend Rose and I saw a dead armadillo right near highway 44 at Lindbergh- I’ve known they were moving north for some time but this is the closest I’ve seen one. I wonder if they will start showing up in back yards? Dennis calls them possums on the half-shell. The sky is grey-blue, the weather dynamic. I heard that tornadoes struck throughout the midwest yesterday. We live in interesting times.

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