First ride

I rode my bicycle to work today for the first time this year. I liked the smells I don’t smell when I’m driving- fresh-cut grass, mulch, horse manure at the barn, on the way home, burgers being grilled in someone’s back yard. I like riding east toward the sun in the morning and west toward  the setting sun in the evening.


The martins were home this morning. No doubt they were catching lots of bugs this evening- I rode through several insect hatches on the way home, they got in my eyes and my mouth.


Sunrise over the parkway


Saint Louis casting a morning shadow


The big old elm is leafing out


Horsechestnut behind the Muny which I’ve never before noticed- blooming under the moon.


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2 Responses to First ride

  1. cynthiabryn says:

    What a beautiful Beltane! Thank you so much for your posts. I adore seeing our planet through your eyes.

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