Eating Crow

This morning outside my workplace I saw a cluster of crow feathers on the ground, the big wing feathers, along with dozens of little inside downy feathers. I think an owl must have made a dinner of crow last night. The crows have recently been roosting in the sweetgum tree in front of our building, I have seen them when I leave after dark and in the mornings there is a mess of crow shit on the sidewalk. An owl must have taken one right off the roost in the night, I have heard they will do this. Also this morning early, before I got out of bed, I heard a screech owl nearby making the sweet little clucking sounds they make down in their throats. Also heard lots of male red wings in the park, calling and ruffling their red epaulets. Although warm this morning, it’s supposed to rain and get much colder today. I am glad, we need the rain, and I don’t want spring to happen too fast. Too much of life happens too fast. I want a refuge.

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