We went to the arboretum this morning. Lots of bird activity- saw a pair of pileated woodpeckers. A Carolina wren was sitting atop a weather vane singing his little heart out, and I saw a winter wren, too. Lots of woodpeckers in addition to the pileated- red-headed, red-throated, downy. They had burned the prairie areas again, I think it was late winter-early spring of last year when they did it last.

Mary Isabelle. IMG_9419

Shell that a raccoon brought to eat with Mary IsabelleIMG_9418.

Passion fruitIMG_9421 on the Passion Fruit Vine

Rabbit fur, the likely remains of an owl dinner or breakfast.


The pond where migrating birds come to drink was as low as I’ve ever seen it.


Beech forest






Wildflower walkIMG_9446

Prairie burn- this is the second time in a year they’ve burned it off.IMG_9453

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