Things change

Alas, the Cardinals lost the 6th game last night while I was at the Fox watching Les Miserables with a friend. Tonight’s game will tell whether they go to the World Series or not, and I will forfeit my usual Monday evening activities to watch it (with maybe just a peek or two at the Presidential debates, which just get me all riled up anyway without teaching me anything I don’t already know about the candidates). Funny thing- Way back when I danced with a small company, our artistic director choreographed a dance based on baseball movements, and she incorporated alot of the pitcher-catcher signals which, at the time, I could’ve cared less about, thinking I inhabited a stratosphere well removed from sports. Now I am fascinated by all that- personalities, mannerisms, morphology. Even statistics-I once had a roommate whose boyfriend could rattle off statistics for every player on his favorite team and couldn’t understand his obsession. Now, given more time, I could be like him. How things change- Anyway, here’s hoping we go to the Series! Regardless, those SF Giants are fun to watch, too.

Later- End of the interminable 3rd inning. There is no joy in Mudville!

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