Falling bird

“…I was driving and I saw a bird fall splat out of a tree onto the ground, and it died.” Overheard this afternoon as someone walked by in the hall outside my office. I wonder what happened? I bet a hawk went after it, or maybe it was sick. Anyway, thinking about it provided a welcome break from thinking about positive and negative urgency and continuous performance tests, though I am sorry for the bird. The crows are massing up in the trees in the evenings again, by the Monsignor’s residence, it’s that time of year already again. On the way home tonight a blue heron flew right over my car, handsome he was, a young one I think, judging by his coloring. When I got home, Kitten Britches didn’t want to play as usual but was hunkered down in the basement. I thought she might be ill until I sat with her for awhile and realized she was stalking something in the darks of one corner- a mouse perhaps, or a cricket. The crickets are coming in now, I like their sound.

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