Bird Relief

Rode my bicycle to work today. First thing, I took a spill at the foot of our driveway, for no good reason other than I wasn’t moving fast enough. Keeps me humble, but I only skinned up a knee and an elbow. I saw in the park lots of friends- the martins I missed last week, egrets, a hawk in the dead top of a maple, I even think I saw a pelican hanging out with the ducks by the boathouse! I was too far away to discern for sure, but if it is a pelican it must be the same fellow I saw on New Year’s Day all by himself. What a summer for him, in this heat. Anyway, I was sure glad to see some birds, I even saw some goldfincehes and heard some woodpeckers. I guess in the heat of the day they just find somewhere cool to hang out. It will look mighty different, I imagine, when I head home this evening. They’re forecasting 105 today.

On August 1, tomorrow (also a full moon!) my calendar says to look for flocks of purple martins gathering for migration. How time flies!

Sunrise behind the Chase

Green heron morning mist




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