Perhaps I am just feeling dramatic, but for the record I want to note the accumulation of portent in my head, based on multiple things this week: The ongoing, relentless heat, 108-110 degrees for days in a row; the dearth of people out moving around, in cars or otherwise; scientists saying this week that in just 4 days the Greenland ice cap has melted more than they ever would have anticipated; the brownness of the landscape, dying trees, no rain- the news telling us we’ll have to get used to more expensive, basic food because of the drought; a friend having a spill on her bicycle and breaking her hip; another friend having rocks thrown at her by adolescent boys while riding her motor scooter- it just seems everything is out of whack and accumulating. Didn’t the Mayans say the world would end in 2013? Maybe it’s so! In the meantime, I’ll just look for something joyful to see, write, read, photograph- it must be somewhere!

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