Well. Nothing to do but get used to it, I guess, this 100+ degree weather. The forecast shows 100+ degrees every day for another week at least, up through next weekend. On a purely selfish level this annoys me, because I’d wanted to ride my bicycle alot before leaving for the week-long ride in Michigan, and chances are I will not ’cause I just ain’t all that motivated in this heat. On a regional and even global level, my head starts to catastrophize- when will the water wars start? Should I start feeling nostalgic about our rivers and green-ness now? How soon before we start to look like the desert out west? On and on.  My similarly-minded friend says she heard a panel of earth and ocean scientists on the radio, and they offered hope that we don’t have to be stuck killing our planet and ourselves.

The birds all have their bills open all the time, somehow this helps them dissipate the heat. I fill up the birdbath in the back yard and watch the birds as I work here by the window. There are the crows, teaching their youngsters. A young blue jay. Robins. Grackles. Starlings. Cardinals.  Squirrels. Smells of garlic and ginger from the kitchen, where Dennis  fixes a roast chicken. Yesterday morning there was a beautiful moth in my room where I sit. I was able to catch him between my cupped palms and let him outside. I wonder how the owls in Forest Park are doing? I think they don’t like the heat.

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