Arboretum walk, June 3, 2012

The arboretum was cooler than this time last year, when it was already 100 degrees on a regular basis. Dry, though. Oh, and the glade was much quieter this year than last. Last year you could hardly hear yourself think for the locusts- now it’s very quiet by comparison, the locusts being underground for another 16 years. Closer to home, the crows who were raised in our back yard last year are now bringing this year’s youngsters by to visit. The young ones sit in the tree and try to sound like crows while their older siblings watch and guard them. Tomorrow night we will go to the park to see the owl family. The young ones will be almost ready to head out on their own by now.

Quail calling on the prairie


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2 Responses to Arboretum walk, June 3, 2012

  1. cammy444 says:

    The very first flower reminds me of a dancer! I love it! It’s so joyful!

    • Vivia says:

      Yes-that’s tradescantia, aka spiderwort. It is a joyful flower and I’ve seen it growing all around parking lots that would otherwise be barren. I saw that you’re off FB at least for the time being, good luck! I was off for 2-3 months and didn’t miss it. But I must confess it is easier to keep up with folks, even those I see every week, when I look at it. Your canoe trip looks wonderful. I was trying to explain the “go girl” to Dennis and don’t think I got it right, must look again!

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