Finally a mid-day walk

I took a mid-day walk today, the first in almost a month I guess- it’s grant submission time. One down today, one yet to go this month, and then conferences and interns…. What a beautiful day it is, sunny and cool. Strange- we’ve had a record high and a record low temperature within the same week, and no rain to speak of. The mulberries that were ripening last time I took a walk by the lake are gone now, in the bellies of the birds. The male red-wings are guarding their nesting areas and chased me a couple of times. I saw an American egret catch a fish and swallow it. I wonder how long it takes the fish to die in that gullet? Noticed a whole school of koi in the lake, never seen that many there before. Heard and saw bullfrog, martins, swallows, catbird, green heron. What I would really like to do is lie down in the sun and take a nap. Wouldn’t that be a nice world to live in!

Turtles and wood ducklings with mom duck

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