There must be a metaphor-

Ahhh- this morning I opened the window and in came COOL air! And better yet it’s supposed to rain today. My husband told me that yesterday 2 men came to the door and told him that ANTS had been reported in the area! Oh my! And that they were in the area sterilizing lawns and they would do ours too, for a small fee. When Dennis declined, the more reticent of the two pointed to a spider web and said they could get rid of spiders as well. A sterilized lawn- there’s a metaphor here somewhere but I haven’t thought of it yet. I throw those guys in the same bin as the ones who hacked the magnificent burr oak near our old place last year. Gone now. I think there’s a special place on the other side for folks like that- If I were Queen people who ran over turtles would be buried in mud for a week, or who sterilized lawns would have to live in an antiseptic tent for a month with bright lights all the time. Me, judge?

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