There are munchkins outside my window at work while I’m in the midst of trying to tie together concepts from about 5 different disciplines, alas. They peer at me through the glass, make hand motions, jump up and down, yell, scream, act all happy and child-like. But the munchkins, who are students of the Central Institute for the Deaf, are having a wonderful time- let me not be a grinch- I was once a munchkin myself! Here’s munchkin me in tub and suspenders, my younger sister and brother in the kitchen pictures- this was a theme, the play with my sister in her high chair.  With thanks to my father, who took many many photos when we were little, and let me help develop them, too.

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2 Responses to Munchkins

  1. Dent says:

    Which munchkin is that in the suspenders? In the bathtub?

    • Vivia says:

      Those are both munchkin me. Though I looked through the photos last night and found lots of good ones of you and Liz and Joe. I’ll post one of those here.

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