While driving through the park this morning I saw a large black woman lying on the sidewalk. Two small dogs on leashes were with her. I parked the car and walked back to see what was wrong- she had fallen and couldn’t get up because her ankle was hurt. Fortunately, a man on a bicycle and two other men who’d been jogging stopped to help, because I could not have helped her to her feet by myself. I ran to get her car and bring it to her and we saw her on her way. She said God had sent angels to her this morning. Actually, I was grateful for HER, since stopping to help her stopped the self-involved wrangling that had been stewing in my head. And, an extra-special bonus: as we helped her to her car I saw a snakeskin on the ground. So they are moving around and shedding skins, I must watch for them, those snakes!

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