Arboretum walk

This morning I went to the arboretum and had a solitary walk, Dennis having another commitment. It was very quiet until I heard a hawk calling from the woods near the prairie and then 3 or 4 hawks came to her- young ones I’m guessing? She was getting them in line perhaps. In some places not much has changed, but by the time I was leaving there were spring beauties where there’d been none earlier. Along the high south-facing rock ledge I saw a lizard and startled a snake out sunning. Saw an early celandine poppy and trillium, too. I watched as a covey of more than a dozen quail crossed the path one-by-one, and saw two does in the woods.The sun was bright so the pictures aren’t great, but good enough to document.


Glade, and a glade flower growing-

Hickory leaf unfurling

Pale corydalis, trillium

Celandine poppy



Lizard sunning

Harbinger of spring

Lake, and a tiny turtle, sunning

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