I love waking up on the weekend this time of year! Before the sun starts up I hear the sweet robin sounds and feel the cool air through the window. Then the sun comes up and I hear the full-throated songs of the wren and the cardinal, with robin mutterings and those 3 distinct chickadee notes in the background. Britches comes to join me, the raucous crows pass through, checking out their old home ground-

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  1. cammy444 says:

    Nice! I miss the bird song. We don’t have many song birds….perhaps its where our house is situated. Perhaps its our kitties. A couple of years ago, a bear took a liking to our bird seed and so we stopped our feeding station as well.

    • Vivia says:

      Yes, I love hearing the songbirds! We don’t out out any feed, but there’s a good deal of cover in bushes and trees, and the juncos have been eating the leftover crumbs Dennis puts out. And I am grateful that Kitten Britches is an indoor cat now because she was too good a hunter (as were all her siblings and her mother, now gone). I’m sure that helps.

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