Lusty sparrows

As we sat at our morning meeting I watched out the window as the sparrows went about their springtime tasks- The boy sparrows whose females were already sitting on eggs were taking food to them. Other mated pairs were busy carrying pieces of straw and twigs to build nests. I saw one female reject a couple of twig and straw offerings- perhaps too large, too small, not pliant enough?

Strange headlines in the paper today. An Aryan White Supremecist and a black gang leader teamed up to sell methamphetamine to kids- Ah the unifying power of Capitalism! A newborn found in a wet towel in someone’s front yard. Another woman claiming she was brainwashed at a treatment center to believe she’d been in a cult that sacrificed babies.

Ah- is nice just to be at work! I may go out later to see what the sparrows are up to.

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2 Responses to Lusty sparrows

  1. cammy444 says:

    I’d stick with the sparrows. They know what’s going on!

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