I almost forgot to report a most important event! Yesterday evening, just after dark as I drove through the park, a BIG owl, likely a great-horned owl, flew right in front of my car, passing through the air in front of me just before I broke it. I knew he was an owl by the way his wings flapped, that soft curving up and down, as opposed to the straighter-winged stroke of a hawk. I hope this is good portent. Also must note what a strange warm January it is- almost 70 degrees yesterday and today. Later- on a walk I saw a frog jump! insects hatching! A nice fly-fisherman who used to be a plumber and now has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. His favorite job of all time was putting watering troughs in the gazelle exhibit at the zoo. He saw the pelican when it was here over the New Year week. He had child-like eyes.

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