Telephone memorabilia

It seems no one talks on the phone anymore unless they’re doing something else at the same time- driving, checking email, reading something on an ipad. I sometimes miss the days when the telephone was on the wall next to the kitchen door, and phone numbers were scrawled right on the door jamb. If you got a call, or made one, it was an occasion. You stood there and listened and talked. It was a distinct moment in the day. Now phone calls get melded in with the millions of bits of data vying for our attention every minute, that point of human contact submerged. Yes, I do miss that, sitting on the floor with the phone for a conversation. I saw a “telephone chair” at a second-hand store last weekend, what a quaint piece of memorabilia. A chair attached to a telephone stand, implying a pause in activity to attend to and talk with someone on the phone.

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2 Responses to Telephone memorabilia

  1. cammy444 says:

    Good point. I still would rather talk to people on the phone than email or text them.

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