Wailing and moaning- the indignation of Kitten Britches

Today I am working at home, hearing the wailing of Kitten Britches as she bemoans the fact that I will not let her outside to kick the ass of the neighbor cat, Midnight, who jumped into the outside windowsill this morning as Britches sat on the inside, and taunted her in her own house! Oh the indignity of it all. KB-cat has never been in a fight in her life, as far as I know, even though she was an alley cat born and raised. She always hid and watched while MomCat, TomTugger, and SisCat fought off any intruders onto their property. But now, alas, they are all gone and Britches is a house cat, a fate she has given every indication of greatly enjoying, until now. Midnight has been the neighborhood cat long before we arrived on the scene, and if Britches were to challenge her I’ve no doubt a fight would ensue, outcome I cannot guess, despite Britches’ lack of experience.¬† Ah- she has quit wailing now and gone to sleep. Some tea and back to work.

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