Squirrel bread and pelican

While sipping my coffee at a stop sign opposite Mike Duffy’s Pub and Grill I saw this squirrel making out his breakfast on the fresh bread that had just been delivered outside the door. It is cold this morning, 18 degrees. I looked for the pelican as I drove past the lake- he is not there. I do hope he is with a flock up on the river.

Later- on a walk I saw a mature bald eagle flying north above Kingshighway. The pelican IS still at the lake, hanging out with the ducks on the bank. When people come near he swims out on the water. Perhaps he has an injured wing and can’t fly. Dennis surmises some damn fool shot up into a flock of pelicans. At any rate, this one’s here to stay, looks like, if he lives without his flock. Looked like he was eating something off the plants at the bank, but I recall reading somewhere that pelicans need other pelicans to catch food and to clean each other- he was a little grimy-looking. Also saw a muskrat in the water of the stream.


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