New Year’s Pelican

New Year’s day. It’s very windy this morning. I sit in bed drinking my coffee, watching the tree branches sway, listening to my husband’s steady breathing. The lights at Tom and Fiona’s house down the street are all on- perhaps they are still up. I slept through the gunfire at midnight. Dennis said there was more than ever before. If ever we are invaded from within or without, I guess it’s good to know so many have weapons? Later I saw this lonely pelican as we drove through the park-

I realized this is what caught my eye on Friday as I drove through the park to work, I saw a white form out of the corner of my eye and thought perhaps a person or a kayak, never stopped to look. This fellow has been there, then, since Friday. I have never seen a lone pelican, they are “decidedly gregarious” birds, according to Pearson & Burrough’s Birds of America. This one must have gotten left behind somehow- blown off course, injured? I hope a flock comes through to get him, or he flies to find one on the river, where they stay. He is big, with a wing span of 9 feet. (Monday, January 2: the pelican is gone. Here’s hoping he’s with his flock.)

Here a more comfortable creature- Britches in front of the fire.

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