Head noises etc.

I read this morning, in a book written by St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle, her complaints of the noises in her head. She gives a very charming description of them (the noises in my own head are not always so charming!)
“As I write this, the noises in my head are so loud that I am beginning to wonder what is going on in it. …My head sounds just as if it were full of brimming rivers, and then as if all the water in those rivers came suddenly rushing downward; and a host of little birds seem to be whistling, not in the ears, but in the upper part of the head, where the higher part of the soul is said to be…”

Today is winter solstice and Christmas draws near. Things are very quiet at work, but those of us who are there had an absolutely raucous tea time this afternoon, discussing all the political actors and shenanigans going on these days. I laughed until my sides hurt, especially at Christina’s imitation of various presidential contenders. And all the sanctimonious, dripping-with-hypocrisy political ads. Tomorrow is the annual Christmas bash at the old Pincus hardware.

Ginger and Dennis

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