Twilight Zone addendum (to previous post)

Or- what if the little boxes we give so much attention to are really sucking our brains out, neuron by neuron? Or compiling all the energy given them to turn back on us? That’s more in line with that Twilght Zone episode-

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2 Responses to Twilight Zone addendum (to previous post)

  1. cammy444 says:

    Yikes! You have a scary sense of little boxes! Remember when there were no little boxes and there were big boom boxes being carried around?? Do you suppose that is when it all began??

    My little box has over 7000 items in it…not all songs…some are books-on-little-boxes, and some are podcasts of radio shows I missed…NPR stuff, etc. for little boxes. But, in defense of little boxes, one of the most perfect ways for me to tune out world and tune into my inner being-ness, is to plug into the little box and paint and paint and paint to the wide variety of musics it offers me. It is intoxicating and pure BLISS! But then, I’m not walking down the street with my little box, listening to my own personal “Shaft” Theme…

    • Vivia says:

      All in fun, really, but it’s a frequent theme in my head. Probably a function of aging, and not too far removed from the horror of older folks when rock and roll came of age. I have my little boxes too, though have so far avoided having an ipad or one of those “telephones” that has web access. I listen to music on my little ipod box at the gym, not to mention sitting staring at a computer all day at work. I kinda liked the big boom boxes and all the posturing, physical and otherwise, that went along with them.

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