Random thoughts and a possible eagle

I think I saw an eagle when I drove through the park this morning, sitting in the top of a sycamore tree, with one wing hanging down, as though masking prey or, hopefully not, injured. I can’t be sure but I think his head was white and he was big enough to be an eagle.

Yesterday afternoon Kitten Britches and I put on a couple of old albums- Procol Harem and a Bonnie Raitt- and danced around while making beef-vegetable soup to get us through the week. I finally relented and took some stale bread out to Dennis’ squirrels, who seem to have established a pecking order for goodies- the fattest one sits atop the table where I put the bread, variously eating and chasing off any other squirrel who attempts to access the bounty. Though they get very crafty, coming at it from different directions, in pairs, and the like, he usually chases them off. When he dies of a coronary I guess another will assume his position. Greed isn’t a singularly human trait, we will spread it around.

An idea this morning based on consideration of all the talk I hear of ipod this and super ipod that and mega rams and bytes and all that stuff, and observing how many people walk around with their attention stuck in a little box they carry around in their hands. So, years ago one of my favorite Twilght Zone episodes was the one in which all the protagonist’s household appliances attained consciousness  and turned on him. Maybe the antithesis of that is to suddenly remove all the signals that inform the little boxes we carry around? What would happen then? How long would it take us to recalibrate our own consciousnesses and  lives?

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