Tactile thought

I made a most interesting and useful discovery this week while attempting to write a few coherent paragraphs based on ideas and concepts pulled from several different literatures- I require tactile contact with paper in order to organize my own thoughts and ideas. I’d been trying to work “green” by not printing out any articles, instead reading them on the computer screen. I spun my wheels for a whole week before, finally, I printed out the relevant manuscripts and put them in organized stacks on my desk. Then, and only then, did it all start to come together and make sense. Ah well, I’ll leave it to the youngsters to work green and I will consign myself to the old folks who can’t learn new ways.


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2 Responses to Tactile thought

  1. cammy444 says:

    I’m a tactile dinosaur as well. I need my reference sheets at hand when I’m writing…

    At least I’m recycling and am working towards the paperless billing concept.

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