What an extraordinarily beautiful morning this day, driving through the park. The sun in the treetops, rustling of leaves in the breeze, clouds speckling the light. Birdsong was notably absent and I thought perhaps all the goldfinches had headed back south, but then heard their sweet sounds in a small section where they were eating flower seeds- they’ll be the last bunch to leave, maybe. Redwings are all gone, I think, as are the night hawks. I could spend hours just sitting and watching the light change, hearing the sounds change, a calming forever-ness. Then, of course, there are inevitably the folks in a hurry, their big V8 Cadillac SUV engines sucking in the air as they zoom past me, irritated at my speed-limited pokiness. But I got to enjoy this beautiful morning.

On the way home- saw a chevron of pelicans heading south, while waiting at the stoplight at the far end of the park. They were way up high-

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