Rode my bike to work today and the air was cool, the sky clear, I saw the waning full moon setting. Now that the sunrise is later and more in synch with most peoples’ get-up-and-go times the traffic is heavier and less considerate of cyclists, even in the park. I want a city with just bicycles! I saw a male goldfinch in the road. He’d been run over and was quite dead. I moved him out of the road so his beautiful little form wouldn’t be further insulted. Heard and then saw a kingfisher chattering down the stream. Now to work- deadlines loom in the near distance.

Photos below are from a midday walk to clear my head. The stream is full of algae and duckweed, still pretty, though.

A young green heron, fishing.


And sounds as I walked- I could hear them better in person than on this little video, but the sounds are the same late-summer sounds that wax and wane and drone. There’s a catbird calling from the dense brush at the end.

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