Baby bunny

On my way to yoga class this morning I found a little boy baby bunny on the sidewalk. Right in the middle of the concrete sidewalk, poor thing, eyes not open yet, no fur, probably less than 10 days old. I looked around to see if the mother might be nearby, or if there was any indication of how he might’ve gotten there. Could a hawk or a cat have taken him from the nest and dropped him on the sidewalk when startled by someone walking by? But he had not a mark on him, he seemed fat and healthy, was wriggling around on that hard, cold sidewalk, that unfamiliar territory. Not seeing a nest or mother nearby, I picked him up, he fit nicely into my palm and, once there, quieted. Maybe the body warmth was soothing. There was an empty lot just across the street where I’d often seen rabbits playing, so I walked over there to see if I could find a nest. Looked and looked, in the grass, under trees and shrubs, but found none. Finally I saw a rabbit run under a big honeysuckle bush. So I took the little one and made a little nest in the grass right next to the bush and laid him there in hopes that his mother would find him, and went on to class. When I left class I debated whether to check on him- what would I do if he was still there? His chances of surviving if I tried to care for him were very slim, maybe better to leave him and let nature take its course? Maybe I should try anyway? Maybe I should call a friend? All was moot, though, when I saw the empty spot where I’d laid him down 2 hours earlier. I looked all around, no sign of him, and no blood so chances are that his mother, and not a predator, found him. Ahhhh. Thank you.

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