Sault St. Marie

We are camped at a university in Sault St. Marie tonight and tomorrow and I’ve found this computer lab to make a brief post. Rode 70 miles today with a headwind all the way, tough ride but this is beautiful country. Someone saw a black bear, another person saw a moose. I saw a lovely little grouse standing by the side of the road next to the woods as I rode past. Lots of big fields with hay bales in the sun. Beautiful gardens and well-tended lawns for those folks who’ve been able to stay here. It looks like a tough place to make a living. Best of all, it was cool and cloudy most of the day, barely 60 degrees, a far cry from the 100s I hear we have in St. Louis this week. But they’re promising us a hot day on Friday, 90 degrees. Peanuts! Tomorrow Madonna and Liz and I will tour the Sault St. Marie locks and explore the town. Then on the road again on Thursday, to Paradise! And the lighthouse where the Edmund Firzgerald went down in 1975. I saw the moon from my tent the past few nights but couldn’t take a picture because my camera was zipped up in my bag- there’s a proscription against making zipping noises in the night. And we all survived a hell of a storm on Sunday night. My little tent held up well in wind and rain and lightning, but it was a little scary and a few pleas went up to heaven.

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