Today’s Riding mantra

Grapevine, River Birch, Ash, Oak,
Chipper chipper chipper

Swamp, Bald cypress
Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary,

(Gary is a man I met years ago when I worked as an outreach person for a homeless shelter. We’d ride aroumd town on bicycles and check up on homeless folks, see if they needed anything or wanted any help, lots of them didn’t. We’d check up on them all anyway, had some interesting conversations. Knew all their hideouts. Gary would come into the day shelter in winter but we hardly saw him in summer. He always was very clean and crisp and well-groomed. He still is. I see him frequently in the park, which is one of his haunts. And he often walks by where we used to live on his way to visit his “wife” who is in a nursing home nearby. I saw him drunk only once, in the park. This morning we passed and greeted each other, he said to say hi to my husband.)

Horse- grazing outside the mounted police stables.

Chipper- a man was starting one up at the forestry division when I rode by.

Oh- and I had to change a flat before I ever left home this morning, the back one too!


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