Groundhog/turtle day

So I was driving through the park this morning on my way to a meeting, thinking about the turtle I moved last Wednesday when going to the same meeting and trying to stay present and keep my mind from wandering off on tangents- And there in exactly the same spot on the side of the road by the curb was another turtle, or maybe the same one, they were so similar- A female painted turtle our friend Hely says, you can tell its female because the back of her shell is flatter and smooth. Was probably out to lay eggs. Well, that brought me right back to the present! I stopped the car and picked her up, being careful to hold her away from me so the water that poured out of her shell wouldn’t get on my clothes. A young man stopped his car, he too had seen her and had doubled back around after thinking he should probably help her over the curb, I was pleased that someone else thought to stop. I carried her to the nearby pond, where she went immediately back into familiar environs.

Today the day is shorter than yesterday. Time moves too fast.



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