It’s HOT. I look like a leper from the poison ivy rash that overtook my arms, healing now but ugly and scabrous, people stay away from me at the grocery store. I could start drooling and then really have lots of space to myself! If the whole summer is this hot I guess we’ll just get used to it. And what will the turtles in the park do if they have to cross a hot asphalt road to go lay their eggs? We have a new amusement: Dennis has taken to opening the French doors to nowhere and tossing out leftover vegetables, apple peels and the like, into the yard below, and the squirrels come to eat them. He’s named all the squirrels now, some of our favorites are Thurmond and Maplethorpe, and Terwilliger who has the reddish tail. One day Dennis was outside talking to our neighbor, who espied a stripped-clean corn cob under the cherry tree and wondered how it got there- Dennis allowed as how it must’ve been a raccoon dragged it there after raiding someone’s garbage. Here’s a photo of Grundewald eating the rind of a mouldy cheese this morning. They must watch the door now because they arrive not 30 seconds after Dennis throws out a treat.

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