Faulkner’s house and other things

Dennis went to Oxford, Mississippi (I’ve always loved to spell and say “MISSISSIPPI”!) a couple weeks ago and saw Faulkner’s house, which he hadn’t visited for decades.
I’ve never seen it, but have enjoyed looking at pictures he took while there, here are a couple. I love to see the room where he wrote. Those are ancestors on the wall.

And last night Madonna and I made a mess in the kitchen, preparing food for a friend’s going-away-for-awhile party tonight. My sister arrives today, too, for a visit. We will ride our bikes to get her used to it- she plans to go on the week-long ride with us this summer. A busy weekend indeed. And just at a time when it would behoove me to work 80 hours a week, I no longer want to do that! Sometimes my life feels like it’s been lived backwards. But I’ll take it, warts and all.

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