Love on the fly and other critters

We went to the arboretum this morning, early, when the dew was still on the plants. Colors have quietened down since the riotous growth and bloom of early spring. The woods have become dark, damp, and full of mosquitoes and other buzzing, creeping, crawling and flying insects that greatly diminish my eagerness to trek through them. We did make a pass through the darker part of the woods and I’m sure there were many things to see but I wasn’t looking as I was brushing the mosquitoes off my arms the whole time- memo: wear long-sleeved shirt next time! Regardless, the woods are mostly green now. The biggest news of the day is the emergence of the 17-year locusts- they were everywhere digging out of the prairie ground and climbing up the plant stalks to molt and leave the old shape behind, then to mate, oviposit, and die, leaving the next generation behind. We’ll hear from them in 17 more years. The birds were having a feast of them! Even the glade is quieter in color now. We saw many rabbits out eating young grass with dew on it. Mary Isabelle was in green repose.

Jack in the Pulpit

Love on the Fly

Baptisia in the glade

Just emerged from the molt, drying off

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