Cats and Crows

The young crows are fledged and flying now and the guttural calls of their attending relations no longer mask the more melodious songs of the wrens, cardinals, and warblers in the morning. This morning I allowed myself to sleep until I woke, a little later than usual, and the birds were in full song when I’d gotten my coffee and sat down for the morning’s reading and meditation. Kitten Britches seems to be channeling MomCat- she’s getting soft in the face and around the eyes where she used to be all sharp edges and constant alertness. She also sat with me this morning like MomCat always did, and remained there after I’d gotten up, also like MomCat. She’s relaxing into her new home life- I suppose when MomCat held the position of Grand Dame there was no room for Britches to grow into that role. But now she has room and a new house to boot. Rode my bike to work this morning- very cool air and lots of critters about. Got the full moon setting this morning through the trees. Perhaps on the ride home I’ll see some young herons or someone else just learning how to become what they are. The nest where I saw the hawks tending young a few weeks back appears to be empty now.

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