(not quite) In Flight

The young’uns (crows, that is) were out of the nest over the weekend and bumbling around in the upper reaches of the tree, learning how to balance on a limb, now and then flying


from one branch to another, and always with at least one and usually 2 older crows in attendance, not interfering but watching from a distance. As I went to my car this morning there was a crow patrolling the street, just before sunrise, when they weren’t calling yet. Oh watchful crows! No trip to the woods on the weekend due to bike training. Next time I get out there the summer flowers will be started, I think, but I won’t know ’til then. On our bike ride yesterday we passed a group of urban geese: six adults were raising nearly 2 dozen young in an industrial park. Madonna said that once a male goose flew straight at her face when she was riding to chase her away- didn’t happen yesterday but will watch in future.

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