Easter woods

Mary Isabelle

To the arboretum today despite, and because of, the many thunderstorms brewing all around, which meant that the woods would be quiet except for critters. This is perhaps the most beautiful spring in memory for the wildflowers, maybe because it was such a harsh winter, all those waking roots eager to send their more colorful ambassadors to the air and sun. Cell division has been wild- plants that 2 weeks ago were barely visible now 2 and 3 feet tall- What a day for a resurrection. Here’s but a sampling.

This was one of the best sights- the glade has never had so much Indian paintbrush in it (the red flower). The streaks of red at the crest of the hill are all Indian paintbrush. A photo can’t do it justice.

And next, the draw, also awash in color-

This draw is the only place I’ve ever seen Fremont’s leather flower (named after American explorer and general John Charles Fremont, 1813-1890, though I don’t know why).

Fremont's leather flower

Fremont's leather flower

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