A bluish gift

I drove home a different way than usual this evening, feeling sort of contemplative and blue and grateful all at once and for no good reason, just one of those days. And my eye caught two forms up in a pin oak tree beside the road- was it 2 falcons? Yes, it really was! Mom falcon sitting in the nest and the male sitting on a limb next to her. By the time I got the car pulled over and started walking back the male falcon was flying across the road to the park, likely to catch some dinner, and I saw his slate-grey back and whitish head. I did get some pictures of the female sitting on the nest. I wonder how many people have noticed them? This route is full or bicyclers and joggers all day long. What a gift on a bluish evening!

Here is the street context- the nest is about a third of the way from the top.

Here you can make out the female falcon’s form in the nest

And here her white head and chest

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